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Something started years ago when a friend showed me a sponge in the shape of the word “something.” I laughed for days thinking about the simplicity of this silly prop created for clowns. Not long after I had purchased a box of somethings, I realized I didn’t have a gift for a housewarming party. In a pinch, I grabbed one and brought my host “something for the new house.” The reaction was awesome and it was the hit of the party. I knew right then I was going to give everybody something when they got a new house…when they had a baby…in fact, one year, everyone got a little something in their stockings for Christmas! 

In an effort to share the fun and get this wonderful idea into the hands of more people, I decided to make a cookie-cutter in the shape of “something.” I called my friend Brian (he’s one of the most creative people I know), and he immediately wanted to be a part of what he figured could really be something big. We made a cookie cutter and then quickly realized that a silicon bake form would be even more versatile. We knew we had to include a book of creative ideas and recipes that could be used with the mold. So, we reached out to our friends and family, and with their help (and the help of dozens of other new friends who shared their amazing ideas) we compiled the SOMETHING book that has 365 ways to use…well, something that Brian and I hope will create smiles for years to come.

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