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Meet The Team

Brian South Daniel

Brian Daniel South invented a magic trick that was performed in outer space. He is the founder of Teach by Magic (, the creator of the boaj (, and a creative marketing consultant to a variety of companies. Based in Utah, Brian loves to travel, ride roller coasters, and, most importantly, spend time with his super supportive family.

John Reid

John Reid broke the world record for the largest balloon sculpture by a single person when, in April, 2014, he used 4,302 balloons to create Poptimus Prime, a 50-foot tall robot. John owns a magic shop in New York, and has performed for celebrities at various venues around the world including the White House. In his spare time, John likes having fun, making people smile, and eating pie.

Brian and John met at a magic conference in 2006 and have been best friends ever since. If something doesn’t kill them, they just might be friends for life.

John and Brian would like to acknowledge and thank all those that have been advising and supporting us with this project from day one…in no particular order:

Rebekah & Daniel; Skippy, Melissa, Abi &  Braeden; Kathleen Reid; Christie Block; Melanie Holdaway; John’s granny & the Tricky Business team; Mamma Magic & the Magic Camp; Debbie Knicos; Adam Fischer; Tausha & Brigham Coates; The Capps Family; The Lindstrom Family; Rory Johnston; Clint Rogers; Ricky Brandon; John Mariano; Laura Logan; Candi Higley; Terry Moore; Jessica South; The Thompson Family; Andrew J Gonzales; Jennifer Cucci; Danielle Hall; Sarah G.; Beth Hall; Nicole & Emma Rizzo; Kevin Judson; Donna D’Apruzzo & Jodi-Ann Maltese; Bill & Patty Tedeski; Aleta Pardalis; Kathleen Johnson; Stuart Dunkin; Anesa & Joe Vecciarelli; Jennifer Joos; Kate Meyer; Anne Harris; Cindy Nielsen; Ron & Connie Carrasco.

SOMETHING could not have happened without their amazing ideas and delicious recipes!

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