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Get SOMETHING to Make Them Leap for Joy!

Holy buckets! It's already almost the end of February!

Two very big things happen this February... First and foremost, VALENTINES DAY! We hope you had a great day with the people who you love.

The other thing happening this month is a little less frequent... it's a Leap Year! We've got one extra day in the month, everybody, and a very special someone on the Baking Something team has a birthday on Feb 29th!

To celebrate Leap Day (and Abi's birthday!), we're going to be holding a sale! From FEBRUARY 26th through FEBRUARY 29th, if you order SOMETHING using the code LEAP4JOY, we'll give you 29% off*! Mark your calendars, folks! That's this Monday! This only comes once every 4 years! :P

My goddaughter, Abi, is super special for a number of reasons... but SOMETHING that makes her super special is she's a leap day baby! She's turning 5 this year... kind of... and she also happens to be my CSO (Chief Sanity Officer!! ;)). Here's Abi and me with something on our shirts, except this was taken 6 years ago (gulp!!)

Happy shopping!

*this offer valid for purchases shipped within the continental United States and is not combinable with any other offer or deal. Sorry, no rainchecks.

photo courtesy of Todd "Skippy" Seidenberg

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