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Something for the holidays

This years holiday season has been ... well.. lets just say its been different. As I'm sure it has been for most of you this year was just as frantic but it feels like the payoff was just not there. My personal holiday experience was almost 100% zoom meetings with my family. If you told me a year ago that's what it was going to be like, I wouldn't have believed you. which really had me thinking about the future. What would future me tell me now that I wouldn't believe... and being an optimist, let's make it a positive thing instead of a pandemic level dumpster fire of a year. The something project has always been about helping create 10 Million smiles, well I dreamt that future me came back and said "you'll never believe it! you went WAY past 10 Million!"

I know I know... We all had such high hopes for 2020 and look at us now ;) but really, if you could pick one great thing to have happen in 2021, what would it be? What do you need to do to make it happen? What can I do to help?

Wishing you a happy new year with lots of health , wealth, love and laughter!

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