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Something to make you smile

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

That was my primary goal when i came up with the something project. I want to be able to give somebody a gift of a smile, that would be contagious if they shared it. The idea of exponential joy was all I could think about and this silly mold became the tool that would do that for me. the moments that are created with the mold stack. When you first give the book and mold there is a smile, when the giftee, shows their friends the book, more smiles, then they use the mold and share the humor with a new person and the cycle continues. Some sharing on social media, a story later that year at thanksgiving... you get the idea:). When people talk about things being contagious right now, it undoubtedly has a negative connotation, but Joy is definitely infectious and should be shared with people you care about or even strangers. I would love to hear any stories you have about what you’ve done to make people smile...especially if it involves the something mold. Please feel free to message me here and let me know if I can share your story. I think we could all use a couple of extra smiles these days. with that in mind... here's a picture of "something "to cheer you up:)

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